Age spots and sun-related pigmented spots are commonly observed in aesthetic clinics. With Accurett a phenomenal treatment solution for these skin imperfections has come true.


The innovation is the use of a soft version of the proven technique of cell ablation by freezing. Hyperpigmented cell layers are treated with pinpoint accuracy in one no-stress procedure.

How does it work: 

Cryotherapy is THE reference for the treatment of skin imperfections. It treats the tissue by freezing the inter-cellular fluid to destroy the cell structure. It is applied to freeze and to effectively destroy the unwanted tissue.


No special preparation is required. Treatment is applied for 2 to 5 seconds on each spot. In larger areas circular or crossing movement is used.


After treatment, granulation and the formation of new skin after 10-15 days, the destroyed lesion will fall off and fresh new skin tissue will become apparent. 

Great for age spots, sun spots, skin tags, pigmented spots & seborrheic keratosis